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'A joyful, moving, nostalgic and original take at what it means to be Australian. Dive in! 
Robert Drewe

The Memory Pool book by Therese Spruhan

What the reviewers say

The stories described in The Memory Pool expand outward like ripples; pools are not just containers of water but places of daring, fantasy and freedom.

Fans of outdoor swimming, in both wild places and public pools, will enjoy The Memory Pool. But there is also something here for non-swimming readers interested in the small stories of ordinary people, about community, migration, class, family, making a life, and how we have and might live together in multicultural Australia.’

This delightful, nostalgic anthology of 28 stories from well-known and not-so-famous Australians celebrates the memory of chlorine, sea, bay, river and backyard pools and the impact they had on their lives. Well worth a dip into these pages. 


Swimmer, writer, reader,

author of The Memory Pool



 The Women's Pool features 23 stories about McIver's Ladies Baths including one from me called  Cocooned. It is edited by Lynne Spender and was published by Spinifex Press in November 2021.


Growing up at Fonty's Pool, 

Galah magazine, Issue 4 2021, Water.

Like bubbles of champagne: why I celebrate special days visiting swimming spots 

The Guardian, January 26, 2020

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